Natural Osteoarthritis Treatment For Dogs

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December 5, 2012 by rabiddeputy1464

Bandit on Bald Hill

It’s one of the most painful things to watch when your best furry friend quits chasing after their favorite ball, thanks to the debilitating effects of arthritis. Although it cannot be treated, arthritis in both people and animals can at least be less symptomatic through life style change, physical therapy, medication, supplements, and in cases where the damage to the joints is non-reversible, surgery. Similarly, for both people and animals, life style change may not be possible, and medications can be both expensive and dangerous, what with the possibility of negative side effects and drug interaction. Additionally, it can also be a bit of a hassle to administer medication in pill format to an animal. This is where a natural osteoarthritis treatment for dogs can be a very helpful way to get your canine companion back to feeling their best.

What Causes Arthritis in Animals in the First Place?

In both animals and people, arthritis is caused by a deficiency of glucosamine in the body. Glucosamine is a naturally produced amino sugar that’s responsible for producing synovial fluid, a necessary component of cartilage, the natural cushion between the bones in joints. As the body ages, it loses its capability to produce enough glucosamine to maintain adequate levels to repair the cartilage, thus the cartilage weakens and can eventually deform as bone begins to rub against bone. This friction causes much pain, not to mention the joint inflammation characteristic of arthritis. Pertinent to your pet, years of playing fetch and going on walks take a toll on their joints, thus, aging and natural wear and tear take their toll on their joints.

What is an Example of Natural Osteoarthritis Treatment for Dogs?

A commonly used natural supplement to treat joint pain in dogs, cats and people too is glucosamine. As mentioned previously, glucosamine is necessary for healthy cartilage, and when the body stops producing enough, supplementing the body’s natural supply with glucosamine in pill, powder or liquid format is very beneficial for cartilage rejuvenation. Also, glucosamine in liquid format is sold as a natural osteoarthritis treatment for dogs, specifically, with a beef flavor to boot. It’s easily administered by pouring it over their food, saving you the hassle of trying to get a pill down their throat.

Is a Supplement Right for Your Dog’s Arthritis Treatment?

As glucosamine in an all natural osteoarthritis treatment for dogs and people, it offers no risk of negative side effects, unlike many medications. Furthermore, it will not interact with other medicines that your pet might be on for reasons other than arthritis pain. Supplements also do not have any addictive properties, unlike some medications, and are probably much cheaper than some expensive medications. Furthermore, glucosamine can be used for long-term pain relief, unlike pain medications containing steroids that are unsafe to use for more than short-term pain relief. However, if your pet is suffering from joint deformities and irreparable damage due to arthritis, surgical intervention might be the best treatment.


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